Mokoma Conservancy

Visiting the Conklin Run Wilderness Area

The Conklin Run Wilderness Area of the Mokoma Conservancy is used by a variety of Outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year. During hunting seasons listed in the Pennsylvania Game Commission website at we urge you to wear a minimum of 250 square inches of florescent orange, visible 360 degrees, on your head, chest, and back.

The conservancy is open 365 days of the year from dawn to dusk.

Motorized vehicles, camping, open fires, permanent hunting blinds or stands, target practice, randomly shooting firearms, and use of alcoholic beverages or controlled dangerous substances are not permitted on this property.

A gated defined grassy road along the east side of Lake Road is the entrance/exit right of way into this property. You are welcome to enjoy the natural beauty of this land and observation area along the shores of Found Lake. Established trails and haul roads are blazed with painted tan rectangles. The elevation ranges from 1,780' to 2,020' between the watersheds of Sand Run to Conklin Run.

Click here for a printable copy of the 2015 Trail Map, orientation magnetic north, scale: 500 feet/inch.

Easy Trails/Roads(fairly even footing and well defined walking surface)

Conklin Run Wilderness Road (CRWR) - Begins at the entrance/exit gate along Lake Rd. and ends at the intersection of Plank Road providing access to the system of trails and haul roads. Steady incline from Lake Road to Plank Road.

Plank Road (PR) - This scenic and historic road was part of the planked road that horses and wagons used to transport hides and leather between Laporte and Thorndale tanneries from 1860's to 1890's.

Plank Road Link - This old haul road connects Plank Road to Beechnut Trail.

Moderate Trails/Roads (uneven footing, narrow trails and hilly terrain)

Beechnut Trail (BNT) - An old haul road and narrow woodsy trail that passes through open and forested areas with many beech trees.

Conklin Run Trail - Begins at Conklin Run Wilderness Road, meanders along Conklin Run in a forest of evergreens, and follows part of an old haul road and woodsy ridge trail to connect to Old Glassworks Road.

Old Glassworks Road - During the time of the Lewis Glassworks at Lewis Lake (Eagles Mere) from 1808-1814, this road was used to haul glass products to the turnpike. This trail connects to the Marc 1 pipeline.

Old Glassworks Road Link - This old haul road connects Conklin Run Wilderness Road and Old Glassworks Road

Sand Run Trails (SRT) - These trails meander along Sand Run and it's wetlands leading to the Found Lake observation platform. The trails pass through deciduous and evergreen trees. The loop passes through a large maze of blueberry bushes.

Click here for a printable copy of this information.